Marine Projects by Bluewater Process Engineering

Townsville North Queensland, Australia


Palm Island Dams Upgrade

Mingajamba Banburybarra Dam destratification system and Solomon dam inlet and destraticiation systems were designed, fabricated and Installed.

The systems consisted of

  • aeration (flexible fine bubble diffusers)
  • network and automated pressure control system,
  • inlet works
  • air supply system
  • automatic dam temperature controls.

Paluma Dam Intake Pipe and Pontoon

Design and Installation of 700 diameter PE Intake pipe with special BPE S/S fabricated filter adapted to the end.

The Pipe was positioned mid water suspended from a BPE fabricated pontoon, anchored by a six point moorings system.

Underwater Marine Engineering
Installed pipe and effulent diffusers

Underwater Marine Engineering
Dive Punt

Underwater Marine Engineering
Lucinda Pilon Inspection



Underwater Marine Engineering
Port of Townsville Pile Repairs


Crystal Creek Intake Concrete Stabilisation and Anchoring

During the 2001 floods, the crystal creek intake was badly scoured underneath the concrete base.

BPE cleared the cavity, filled with void with concrete and anchored the intake structure through the void to solid rock 4 m underground. .

Warraber Island Outfall Sewerage Pipeline

BPE conducted the Pipe hydraulic design for the pump station and pipe system and coastal hydraulic design for the pipe anchoring system.

An effluent pump station and outfall pipe and diffuser system was constructed.

Other Torres Strait Sewerage Out Fall Pipes

The pipes at Moa Island- Saint Paul’s & Kubin, York & Mabuiag were buried with a minium of 600mm cover and then anchored on the seabed some distance of the reef drop off.

Excavation was through some very hard old coral, and very soft mud. Some construction was carried out on the turn of the tide due to very high currents

Townsville Port Authority, Berth 8 & 9 Repair of Reinforced Concrete Piles

Damaged Concrete piles were encapsulated to extend the life span of berth 8 & 9.

The piles were cleaned back to fresh concrete, installed with new reinforcement, formed up and then poured with high strength water proof concrete.

Mabiaug Outfall Sewerage Pipeline:

York Island Outfall Sewerage diffuser Assembly:

18 salvages

The more difficult were:

  • 45t concrete trawler “Supanova” on the rocks in 3 meters of water
  • 26m (ex minesweeper) timber “Coral Princess” in Ross Crk
  • 15m timber trawler “Eidleweiss”, 40m deep

Installation of power cable across Lake Julius

Inspection and testing of steel and concrete wharf piles (POT), steel tanks (Mica Creek), Daydream Is.

Demolition and removal of 900t concrete multiple pontoon structure at John Brewer Reef

Underwater Marine Engineering
Salvage of Eidleweiss

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